PRTC - European Training Center / AIR RACE SERIES

The PRTC will be located in Ponte de Sôr airfield near Montargil water dam. This airfield has a unique orographic condition, amazing infrastructure facilities and nearby, a pleasant 5 star hotel to accommodate the ARC Team and Pilots. The direct involvement of the local authorities in this process, as local co-organizers, helped our decision of maintaining the PRTC in Ponte de Sôr for the next 3 years. This location will permit us to use the dam (3nm SE) for the aerobatic training over the water and keep a full course mounted over the airfield.

Prestigious Waterfront Locations

Locations are being negotiated all over the world, all matching the same criteria: waterfront prestigious locations with massive audience appeal.

The event will take place between two key sets: the Paddock (the airfield) and the racecourse - at coastline. The latter - where the main action is set will feature a restricted technical area as well as an entertainment and promotion area on the beach promenade and seaside pier.

After much research for this first international year of competition, several European locations were selected, each one with a natural beauty scenario and wonderful weather conditions. It will for sure be an unforgettable season.