A unique race

For the 2015/2016 season some of the most spectacular cities in the world were chosen, where their natural beauty hide extraordinary challenges such as high temperatures, strong winds and rapid weather changes, which the pilots will have to overcome.

The entire ARC - Air Race Championship takes place in a challenging and unique air circuit

In fact it is not one but two racetracks – Circuit and Match - thus creating a unique setting on the water, where pilots will compete at high speed and low altitude, for 1st place.

The main course is a hexagonal shape having a total length of 5km with a constant maximum G-load of 3.5 at 400kts, defined by 30mts high unique inflatable pylons.

They were designed and built to be firm and able to standup steady against strong wind, but thin enough to collapse the moment they are hit by an aircraft.

For the Match, two parallel circuits of 1.5 km length (both of the racecourse straights) marked by the same type pylon. They will fly in a short circuit with sharp turns, on a one-to-one challenge, facing a 6.5 g vertical maneuver.




 This is the moment where all the capabilities of the pilots will be put to the test.



 Flying in a formation of 4 planes, pilots will try to do the race circuit in quickest time possible, fighting against the other 3 pilots, but above all of against himself. The best lap time, of each pilots, will determine the grid position for next qualification round, called Match Qualification.



 This qualification consists in two pilots, simultaneously, performing a chicane and a reversal manoeuvre in a unique and parallel circuit, on a one-on-one basis. More than beating time, pilots have to win to stay in the game. Only one can win and there is no 2nd place. Points earned during qualification will determine the position on the starting grid for the final race.



 At this stage only part of the challenge is met, the most challenging race is still to come. 8 pilots fly wing-to-wing simultaneously in the oval circuit, enforcing all their technique and ability to get more speed and the smallest radius to become the ARC champion.



 The points that the pilots get during the qualifications rounds will also count towards the Championship points. At the end of the season, the pilot who has the most points will be the ARC – Air Race Championship winner.