May I have my aircraft sponsored?

Yes, you can join the ARC with your own sponsorship, as long as it does not collide with ARC sponsors. ARC organization won’t charge any advertising fee to those Pilots that have the aircraft sponsored. On the other hand every Pilot joining the ARC in 2018 will authorize the ARC organization to place sponsor logos, free of charge, in the space available in their aircrafts, suit, helmet and gloves.


Do we have to pay anything to participate at the Training Camp?

No, except any extra costs not included in the formal package proposal. Hotel, food and transportation to and from airfield are included.


What is the purpose of the Training camp?

The purpose of the training camp is to confirm that all the people involved have the right attitude. The training camp is also a a good opportunity for the competitors to breathe the philosophy of air racing, to know other pilots with different backgrounds and to understand if they really want to be part of this air racing community.

During the Training Camp everybody will realize that air racing have rules. Those rules will teach the competitors on how to pass, on how to fly the trajectories, on how to be predictable, the minimum distance between aiplanes, the safety procedures and safety callouts, etc.


And what is the kind of attitude the ARC is looking for during the Training Camp?

We want pilots who take flying seriously and with the safest attitude possible. During the Training Camp our main focus will be: - Safety / Risk reduction - Attitude behavior and internal relations between pilots - Good Balance between aerobatic and formation flying experience


Is Air Racing a dangerous sport?

You may think it is as a dangerous sport, but it is not. The training camp will be supervised by very experienced pilots with thousands of hours in this kind of flying. Some of them will bring their military experience so you will be introduced to the discipline and tricks of low level flying, formation flying and air racing. It will also teach you the rules and self discipline... the same self discipline used by the military fighter pilots.

Onboard telemetry (fitted by the organizers) provides precise feedback on speeds and g-loading. Pylon judges and pylon mounted cameras will avoid pilots pushing the limits or trying to cut corners. Also, the absence of prize moneys based on race and championship classifications will maintain the sport at a risk level very similar to aerobatic competitions or airshows.


Is Air Racing a boring sport?

No, not at all. You will be surprised by the excitement and all the fun. You will realize that this kind of flying is very rewarding. You will be completely addicted and looking forward for the next event.


What about the races? Is there prize money for the winners? Do we receive a participation fee for every race? And what about the championship?

A ferry fee will be available to all pilots to help with ferry costs and other expenses. Fuels, engine and smoke oils and accommodation for the pilots and another person will be also paid at every race.

For races overseas, the ARC will help the pilots with all the logistics and ferry costs. 

There won’t be any prize money based on race or championship classification, only sponsor gifts, cups or trophies will be provided for the top 3 at every race. We believe this will maintain an adequate level of camaraderie between racers and will keep the desired safety level.


What are the aircraft requirements?

At every race there will be ramp inspections to certify that:

- Extreme Class: all aircraft models with engine sizes up to and including Lycoming up to AEIO-580-B1A 315hp. Only fully certified production aircraft with normally aspirated engines will be allowed to race.

- Vintage Class: Yak 52 models equipped with Vedenyev M14P/PF engines. M/TD/TW models are excluded.

- Sport Class: RV-4, 6, 7, or 8, in excellent mechanical condition, with airworthiness/operation certificates appropriate to be flown in the host countries. Normally aspirated engine sizes up to and including Lycoming IO-360 are allowed, and larger displacement engines (IO-375/390) will be considered.


What are the minimum pilot requirements? 

- PPL or above;

- 500 hours minimum total time (waivable to 300 hours with specific experience background);

- 25 hours time in type (for the Sport Class, all RV time counts toward this time);

- 10 take-offs and landings and 3 hours in the last 3 months;

- Basic aerobatic competence required;

- Low-level aerobatic competence desired;

- Formation flying competence desired.


Do we give preference for candidates with specific flying experience?  

Yes we do. Our preferred candidates would have the following experience (documented):

- Air Race Experience (Reno Air Racing, Formula 1, Red Bull Air Racing, etc), and/or

- Military Training (including formation and low-level training), and/or

- Civilian Formation Training, and/or

- Aerobatic Competition (intermediate level minimum)

What is the required equipment to participate at the training camp and for racing?

- Flying helmet - Hard shell types are recommended for the training camp and mandatory for the races. They should be equipped with a quick disconnect pigtail (if wearing one) and with a quick disconnect chinstrap. 

- Fire resistant flight suits - Pilots should avoid using heavy clothes underneath in order to allow them to move freely and easily under water. 

- Fire resistant flying gloves - Mandatory.

-  Parachute - Recommended but not mandatory. If using a parachute it must have a current pack date.



Aircraft equipment:

- Fire Extinguisher (with service up to date) - Recommended but not mandatory. If installed, it should be within pilot's reach and properly secured (subject to inspection).

- Communications - For the training camp - loud and clear intercom. For the training camp and the Races - external VHF transmission (PTT) capability.

- Seat belts and shoulder harness - Must be functional with ability to tighten securely and quickly releasable.


What is the time limit for a candidate pilot to decide if he/she wants to participate at the Training Camp in May?

As soon as possible! We need to make sure that we have the required number of pilots at the Training Camp. As soon as you confirm your presence, immediately we will block your position. Otherwise we will continue inviting other pilots until we reach the required number of participants. After we reach that number we will not accept any more participants.

Do I need any special insurance for my aircraft in order to take part in air racing?

No, you don’t need any special insurance. ARC will provide that special insurance to all participants.