PRTC 2016

Join us at 2016 Pylon Racing Training Camp

We invite you to grab the opportunity of being an Air Race Pilot.

Challenge yourself and join us for the training we have prepared. This trainning is part of a final evaluation and selection process. The overall mission is to have a group of Pilots that respect themselves in and out of the race circuit. We know that you are all very skilled and experienced Pilots and our goal, in the PRTC, is to make you better and safer.


Each year the ARC holds a training camp for prospective race pilots to acquire the necessary skills to determine their suitability to become a pilot certified to race.

The PRTC goal it’s to prepare Pilots for flight in formation theoretical and practice, aerobatic advanced training and attitude behaviour. The course is related to all the technical skills and psychological aspects for the internal relation between pilots. Also the PRTC will allow us to evaluate the attitude and safe conduct of each individual Pilot regarding this sport. Our mission and most important challenge in this training is to choose the best Pilot regarding skills and safe conduct on each class.

Whether you are an experienced racer or a rookie air racer, the PRTC is the first step for your integration in this exclusive and restrict group of TOP Race Pilots. If you plan on racing in the ARC, this trainning is obligatory and essential for your success.

The evaluation process for the PRTC will be coordinated by the Training Committee and the final decision will be submitted to the candidates, via email, no later than 30 days before the start of the training camp. In this evaluation the Committee will analyse the CV’s from each candidate on regard to all the aspects taking into consideration aspects like age, aerobatic and formation experience, hours on type, military background etc.