ARC is a new and unique breed of air racing events, to be held in Europe, which sets apart from Reno Air Race, Red Bull Air Race and Aero GP:

  • A real-time race, with several aircrafts flying simultaneously in a single racing course;
  • Professional organized Teams competing against each other in a challenging championship; 
  • Unparalleled Qualifications and Super qualifications;
  • Set above water, in premium and prestige locations, at high speed and low altitude (see video with warm up in Cascais bay 2014 and Lisbon Air Race 2016);
  • It was designed for massive audiences appeal, with sideshows and free entrance.

ARC - Air Race Championship was designed in all its features to seed a new world-class series of Air Racing events. 

Our team includes over one hundred people from six countries - management, technical, safety and sports professionals - that have been working around the clock in order to launch the international 2019 season.

In the first year we presented the NOS AIR RACE Championship Cascais 2014 which was a huge success in terms of media and public audience. Three hundred thousand people went to Cascais to see the amazing and unique Air Racing Show! Among others, we were awarded 2º place at EUBEA – European Best Public Event Award!

This new concept, based on the motor sports competition model, has been sanctioned for the first time by the board of the Reno Air Race Association who see it as having all the necessary characteristics to become an exceptional worldwide aviation competition.

In terms of media revenue the NOS AIR RACE was the first TV choice of the Portuguese for that Sunday afternoon and after an intensive statistic study we cannot be more happy - ROI of 5 Million Euros in the presentation event!

We started ARC with a simple idea and good intents. Goodwill and overall acceptance led to a project with global ambition that will most definitely raise the bar of air racing sports.

ARC is unique and no comparison can really do it justice. It is the best of Reno Air Race and Red Bull Air Race, Formula 1 and NASCAR, all mixed in a single pot of competitive adrenaline, massive audiences, prestigious waterfront locations and media spectacle.